When my husband and I began looking for a LTC policy, I took the time to find an agent that specialized in LTC, who would be very knowledgeable about what was available and what company and plan would be the best match for our needs.
I found this in Ray Voelkle. He made the special effort to find out what we wanted and needed in a LTC plan and found the right company and plan for us.

When I had questions, he took the time to answer them, sending me articles of interest that further explained what I needed to know to make the right decision for us.

Once we had decided on the right plan for us, he took care of all the paperwork, making the process so stress free and easy for us.


We had a great experience working with Ray Voelkle.

He was available 24/7 to answer any and all question regarding our Long Term Health Care questions. He answers the phone right away, and emails back immediately.

He spent an enormous amount of time helping us find the RIGHT plan, too— and saving us money, never “dropping the ball” when it came to keeping us updated, and reminding us of what needed to be done. He worked long and hard, and I highly recommend using him for Long Term Care Insurance.

Bill and Hillary Nashville, TN

Ray, you were fabulous to work with. I am recommending you to all of my friends because you are wonderful and safe and considerate and kind and professional and so much more.

But the big plus for me is you were able to get me the insurance I wanted when no other agent could find coverage for me,based on my particular health issues.
Thank you for the amazing work in finding me coverage.

Alisa Alexandria, VA

By far, Ray Voelkle surpassed in expertise and compassion to every other LTCi specialist we spoke with (and we do our homework!). He was always available, immediately responsive, unfailingly patient with our questions, highly informed, open and honest, supportive and happy to advise, eager to respond to our numerous queries, personable, and professional! We have extremely high standards for experts with whom we talk about complicated technical matters, and we were happy with virtually all encounters with Ray. We are thrilled with our policy and we are confident that we have made the right decisions; this is all due to Ray’s superior service and advice. He has earned our respect and we have already unreservedly recommended him to our friends and colleagues.

RJ Blase, PhDNorth Carolina

Hi Ray,

I received the packet in the mail on Friday and mailed the application and check yesterday.

Thanks for all of your help, as well as your patience. It’s so good to do business with someone as nice as you, who is not pushy, but keeps in touch by phone and e-mail just to let me know that you are available when I am! That meant a lot to me. In our busy life we put off things that need to be done, and should have been done……in my case, years ago. I am so glad I was available to take your call last week.



When I begun the quest earlier this year for obtaining LTC insurance for my wife and I, I was fortunate to have stumbled upon Ray Voelkle’s web-site. From the first step to the last step, Ray was both knowledgeable about the ins and outs of LTC insurance and patience enough to take the time for me to understand. Ray was a “Teacher” of LTC insurance and I was his student. He wanted to make sure I understood how LTC insurance worked and that I felt comfortable with the new knowledge I had obtained before ever discussing buying LTC insurance. Ray took the time to learn about my wife and I, our needs, our wants, and our financial situation . He helped guide us in obtaining the best LTC insurance coverage we could afford.

I would highly recommend Ray to anyone, who first of all, is interested in knowing more about LTC insurance (in other words become the student) and second of all, who wants to receive very good service from a very knowledgeable LTC insurance broker. When it was all said and done, I thought Ray more as a friend trying to assist me rather than someone trying to sell me insurance.

Timothy WesNorth Carolina

We began our journey to find LTC about a year before we finally connected with Ray. Before that, we frustratingly encountered several insurance professionals in the business of providing LTC Insurance that pressured us to make quick decisions and most often disregarded our questions or concerns about what seemed like an a overwhelmingly complicated insurance decision because of the variety of polices that include an array of benefit options and costs.

We also tried to navigate and figure out the complex choices on our own, but that didn’t really go so well either. For us, the options were just too many and too vast. We wanted to know that we were making an educated and sound choice that would serve us well should the day come that we need to use the LTC policy.

We wanted guidance from someone professional and knowledgeable to help us figure out how to get the most out of a policy that would best suit our needs for such a big decision. Lucky for us, we were connected to Ray Voelkle through the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance.

Ray spent months answering our questions, providing complete explanations about the variety of nuances and options, and consistently responded to us in ways (email, telephone) that accommodated our busy schedules and us. Ray took the time to get to know us and understand what we were trying to accomplish in procuring a policy, and never once pressured us to make a decision, nor a decision one way or the other about any particular policy.

Ray was there for us from the moment we were connected with him, every step of the way. We are more than confident about the choice we finally made, and grateful for the patience, understanding, guidance, insight, and service we received from Ray.

Michele and TimVirginia

The obvious choice. I highly recommend Ray Voelkle to you as your Long Term Care agent. He is professional, very knowledgeable, and responsive. He answered all the questions we had thoroughly and quickly so we could make a decision more easily and with what we knew was the right information. He provided several choices from a number of companies — this allowed us to choose the absolute best fit for us right in the a ‘sweet spot’ for one of the insurers. I cannot imagine how anything could have gone much smoother. Even when there was a little wrinkle from the insurer’s medical review, Ray presented the facts and additional options to choose from right up front without even being asked.

We’ve all experienced poor to non-existent customer service these days; what a nice difference it was to work with Ray and experience what customer service should be. Again, Ray is the obvious choice for you if you are shopping for Long Term Care insurance. No reservations about recommending him, none.

Rob M.South Carolina

My wife and I highly recommend Ray to anyone interested in Long Term Care, and we have already forwarded his name to others. Most important to me, we never felt pressured in any way to buy a particular policy or any policy at all. My wife and I are relative newcomers to the LTC world, so we needed lots of help. Ray was VERY responsive to my MANY questions and requests for information. He answered our e-mails and phone calls quickly and effectively, but without any pressure to buy. We also liked that his premium estimate turned out to be right on target. Hopefully we will never need to use our policy, but at least it brings us some peace of mind for now.

Brian & WendyMaryland

Ray was the third long-term care person I spoke with and I decided to stick with him because he was patient and helpful. He sent me good information so I could do my own research, and he was always willing to answer my questions, even after I’d asked the same thing several times. By the time I decided to purchase a policy I felt well informed and that I had learned as much as I could about what policy I should choose. I would recommend him to others who need to figure out what to do about long-term care.

Ellen P.