What is Long Term Care?

When people consider the subject of long-term care, they often think about nursing homes. In fact long-term care has little to do with nursing homes.  Understanding the difference can help you protect your family and finances. Long-term care encompasses the care,...

Do you know all you need to know?

Long Term Care.  When those three words are spoken, what comes to mind?  Many make the common association with a nursing home.  Others may mistakenly think that they are already covered for related long term care matters through their health insurance or disability...

Have a Plan for Care

Planning, planning, planning. It seems like that’s all we hear about these days. Career planning, family planning, financial planning, retirement planning. Then what? What do we plan for after planning for retirement? We also need to plan for living a long life. As a...

Long Term Care – Wake up, don’t snooze and lose!

You’ve heard it a thousand times, “You snooze, you lose!”  And to some degree, it’s true!  Meaning, if you don’t rush out to the store, you’ll probably miss out on that great sale; hence, paying more for that item.  But that’s okay, it’s happened to all of us. ...


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By far, Ray Voelkle surpassed in expertise and compassion to every other LTCi specialist we spoke with (and we do our homework!). He was always available, immediately responsive, unfailingly patient with our questions, highly informed, open and honest, supportive and happy to advise, eager to respond to our numerous queries, personable, and professional! We have extremely high standards for experts with whom we talk about complicated technical matters, and we were happy with virtually all encounters with Ray. We are thrilled with our policy and we are confident that we have made the right decisions; this is all due to Ray’s superior service and advice. He has earned our respect and we have already unreservedly recommended him to our friends and colleagues.
RJ Blase, PhDNorth Carolina